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TPM-3EZ - Relé de protección contra sobrecarga, bajacarga, falta, desequilibrio e inversión de fase, rotor bloqueado, fallo a tierra

  • Based on MCU (Microprocessor Unit).
  • Ammeter function:
    • Shows sequentially the intensity of each phase.
    • Shows the intensity of each phase for 5 seconds.
  • Overload protection range:
    • 0.5…60A (type wide range): shows the line intensity below 100 A.
    • 11…960 A: with external current transformer.
  • Underload protection range: Adjustable up to 0.5 A less than the set value of “c” / OFF (- -).
  • Ground fault:
    • Powered by zero sequence current.
    • Range: 0.02…3A (type adjustable time) / OFF (–).
  • Time-current trip features:
    • 0.5…10A: adjustable / reverse, selectable.
    • Greater or equal to 11A: adjustable (if needed reverse, use with external current transformer).
  • Easy fault indication through the 7-segment display.
  • Tripping cause memory: stores the last 3 trips even when there is a power failure.
  • Reset:
    • manual (instantaneous)
    • remote (power failure).
  • Fail-safe (self-diagnosis), the output relay “OL” is activated when the unit is powered.
  • Can be used with frequency converters (20…400 Hz).